Happy Valley Music Fest

Happy Valley Music Fest

Happy Valley Music Fest is June 2-3 in State College, PA!

Mama Corn

SATURDAY * 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Locust Lane Stage

Band Website

We are often told that what sets us apart from other bands is our fun loving chemistry. We have a presence about us, that people come up and mention to us all the time. We are friends who love what we do and that fun is infectious. We have garnered a legion of dedicated fans and friends with our unique music, and our lively, interactive stage show. We have the charisma to capture an audience and make them feel part of the fun, not just passive listeners. People tell us we have the “it” factor. What ever that means, we’ll take it. As long as we keep filling the seats, they can call it what ever they want!

Band Members

Bruce Forr (Guitar & Vocals), Bryan Homan (Upright Bass & Vocals), Jeremy Nelson (Banjo & Vocals), Johnny Stevens (Dobro & Vocals)


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