Happy Valley Music Fest

Happy Valley Music Fest

Happy Valley Music Fest is June 2-3 in State College, PA!

The Nightcrawlers

SATURDAY * 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.

Garner Side Stage

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Passionately delivered vocals, fiery-smooth guitar, growling harp, a sharp rhythm section and songs that stick in your head like gum to the bottom of your shoes. The Nightcrawlers groove strikes an affinity in your soul that is undeniable and often addictive!

The band mixes up covers new and old not often heard on the stages of State College as well as their own brand of original music. The NC’s style is not easily defined. Their original and fresh sound mesh the influences of each band members own personal style and flavor; rock, jazz, funk, world-beat, Latin, rockabilly and alt-country/Americana are combined with insightful lyrics creating a style that can only be described as “uniquely Nightcrawlers”.

Band Members

Noah Figlin (Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar), Veronica Auger (Lead Vocals), Erek Kapusta (Keys, Guitars, Vox), Peter Jogo (Bass, Vox), Simon Cottart (Drums)


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